"Truth about Ellen White Writings"

Plagiarised Material

Plagiarised material from other books and magazines of Ellen White

While this site mainly covers the books The Story of redemption and The Desire of Ages, plagiarised material can be traced in all of her writings.

This section presents the “borrowed” ideas of Ellen White that have been used in other books.

Plagiarism: the practice of taking someone else’s work or ideas and passing them off as one’s own.”

Following is a topical index of the “borrowed” work by Ellen White.

  1. The Doctrine of Christ
  2. Childhood and Ministry of Jesus
  3. Plan Of Salvation
  4. Trial, Crucifixion and Resurrection
  5. The Ascension of Christ
  6. Intercession of Christ
  7. The Unfallen Worlds – 2
  8. Ministry of Angels
  9. Lucifer’s Rebellion
  10. Adam & Eve and the Fall of Man
  11. God’s Purpose for Man
  12. More Parallels from Daniel Defoe
  13. Ellen White and Joseph Smith
  14. William Foy and Ellen White
  15. Ellen White and Phoebe palmer
  16. Ellen White and Joanna Southcott
  17. John Harris’ “The great teacher”
  18. Parallels from Daniel March’s Works
  19. More parallels from John Ross MacDuff
  20. Parallels from William A. Alcott
  21. Parallels from J. W. Nevin
  22. Fairy Tales and Myths
  23. Other Examples of Strange Visions
  24. The Scapegoat
  25. The Seventh day Sabbath
  26. Rash Oaths
  27. Responsibility of Parents
  28. Christian Education
  29. Christian Perfection
  30. Thoughts on Prayer
  31. The Inspiration of the Bible
  32. The Mystery of Iniquity
  33. Borrowed Gems from Apocrypha
  34. Unfallen Worlds – 3
  35. Noah and the Ark
  36. Heaven: Reward of the Redeemed
  37. The Tower of Babel
  38. Methodist Legacy of Ellen White
  39. Freemason symbol at Adventist Head quarters
  40. Miscellaneous Topics – Part 1
  41. Miscellaneous Topics – Part 2
  42. Miscellaneous Topics – Part 3
  43. Counsels on Health and Temperance
  44. Principles of Diet
  45. Mother’s Influence Upon Her Children
  46. Self-abuse
  47. Counsels on Flesh-Food
  48. Counsels on Alcohol, Tea, Coffee and Tobacco