"Truth about Ellen White Writings"

Chapter IX: The Tower Of Babel

1.      The beginning of idol worship

SR, 72, 73: “Some of the descendants of Noah soon began to apostatize… This tower was calculated to exalt its builders, and was designed to turn the attention of others who should live upon the earth from God to join with them in their idolatry. Before the work of building was accomplished, people dwelt in the tower. Rooms were splendidly furnished, decorated, and devoted to their idols.”

PL, Book XII, 113-120: “A Nation from one faithful man to spring: Him on this side Euphrates yet residing, Bred up in Idol-worship; O that men (Canst thou believe?) should be so stupid grown,

While yet the Patriark liv’d, who scap’d the Flood, As to forsake the living God, and fall

To worship thir own work in Wood and Stone For Gods!”