"Truth about Ellen White Writings"

Chapter II: Creation

1.      Physical description of Adam

SR, 21: “He was of noble height and beautiful. His features were perfect and beautiful.”

PL, Book IV, 276-30: “Two of far nobler shape, erect and tall, Godlike erect, with native honour clad in naked majesty.”

PL, Book IV, 310-343: “Adam the goodliest of man of men since born his sons.”

2.      Description of the fruit of Eden

SR, 22: “It looked like apples of gold and silver, and was to perpetuate immortality.” [Tree of life]

PL, Book XI, 253-286: “How shall we breathe in other air less pure, accustomed to immortal fruits?”

PL, Book IV, 208-241: “And all amid them stood the tree of life … blooming ambrosial fruit of vegetable gold.”

PL, Book IV, 242-275: “Others whose fruit burnished with golden rind.”

PL, Book IV, 140-173: “Blossoms and fruits at once of golden hue, appeared with gay enamelled colours mixed.”

PL, Book IX, 550-583: “A goodly tree far distant to behold, loaden with fruit of fairest colours mixed, ruddy and gold.”

SR, 21: “The fruit was very large and of different colours; some nearly black, some purple, red, pink and light green. This beautiful and luxuriant growth of fruit upon the branches of the vine was called grapes.”

PL, Book IV, 242-275: “Of cool recess, o’er which mantling vine lays forth her purple grape and gently creeps luxuriant.”