"Truth about Ellen White Writings"

Chapter VII: Seth and Enoch

1.      Enoch served God with singleness of heart

SR, 57: “Enoch was a holy man. He served God with singleness of heart…Yet righteous Enoch was so distressed with the increasing wickedness of the ungodly.”

PL, Book XI, 701-703: “The onely righteous in a World perverse, And therefore hated, therefore so beset With Foes for daring single to be just.”

2.      Angels take him to heaven

SR, 59: “God would not permit Enoch to die as other men, but sent His angels to take him to heaven without seeing death.”

PL, Book XI, 705-709: “Him the most High Rapt in a balmie Cloud with winged Steeds

Did, as thou sawst, receave, to walk with God High in Salvation and the Climes of bliss, Exempt from Death.”

3.      The translation of Enoch was to be a lesson to others

SR, 59: “The Lord here teaches a lesson of the greatest importance by the translation of Enoch, a descendant of fallen Adam, that all would be rewarded, who by faith would rely upon the promised Sacrifice and faithfully.”

PL, Book XI, 709, 710: “Exempt from Death; to shew thee what reward Awaits the good.”