"Truth about Ellen White Writings"

Ministry of Angels

1. Angels were appointed to guard Eden before the fall of man

Ellen White (1827-1915): “Angels who had been appointed to guard Adam and Eve in his Eden home before his  transgression and expulsion from paradise were now appointed to guard the gates of paradise and the way of the tree of life, lest he should return and gain access to the tree of life and sin be immortalized” (RH, 1874).

John Milton (1608-1674): “Gabriel sat, chief of the angelic guards, awaiting night…Gabriel, to thee thy course by lot hath given charge and strict watch, that to this happy place no evil thing approach or enter in” (Paradise Lost, IV. 548-581, 1667).

John Milton (1608-1674): “His [Satan] entrance, and forewarned the Cherubims that kept their watch” (Ibid, IX. 40-73, 1667).

2. Angels guard Eden from Satan and the guilty pair

Ellen White (1827-1915): “Measures were taken immediately in heaven to defeat Satan in his plans. Strong angels, with beams of light like  flaming swords turning in every direction, were placed as sentinels to guard the way of the tree of life from the approach of  Satan and the guilty pair” (Confrontation, p. 16. [1875]; RH, Feb, 24, 1874).

John Milton (1608-1674): “Take to thee from among the Cherubim Thy choice of flaming warriors, lest the Fiend, Or in behalf of Man, or to invade Vacant possession, some new trouble raise: Haste thee, and from the Paradise of God Without remorse drive out the sinful pair” (Paradise Lost, xi, 100-105).

John Milton (1608-1674): “And on the east side of the garden place, where entrance up from Eden easiest climbs, Cherubic watch; and of a sword the flame wide-waving; and guard all passage to the tree of life, lest paradise a receptacle prove to spirits foul, and all of my trees their prey, with whose stolen fruit man once more to delude” (Paradise Lost, xi.  117-150, 1667).

3. Angels led the animals into the ark

Ellen White (1827-1915): “Angels were sent to collect from the forest and field the beasts which God had created. Angels went before these animals and they followed” (1SP, p. 72, 1870).

J. W. Etheridge (1804-1866): “Of the fowl after its kind, and of all cattle after its kind, and of every reptile of the earth after its kind, two of every (sort) shall enter to thee by the hand of the angel, who will take and cause them to enter to thee, to be preserved” (The Targum of Jonathan Ben Uzziel [1591], Section II, Genesis 6:20, 1862).

Gerald Friedlander (1871-1923): “The angels appointed over each kind went down and gathered them, and with them all their food unto him to the ark” (The Chapters of Rabbi Eliezer The Great [80-118 C. E] According to the Manuscript Belonging to Abraham Epstein of Vienna, p. 166, 1916).

John Gill (1697-1771): “Noah went in first, and the creatures of themselves came to him or were conducted by the ministry of angels; and were delivered into his hands” (John Gill’s Exposition on the Whole bible, Genesis 7:15, 1748).

4. Angels hovering above ready to defend Jesus

Ellen White (1827-1915): “Angels were hovering over the place, witnessing the scene, while only one was commissioned to go and strengthen the Son of God in his agony” (1SG, p. 47, 1858).

Ingraham J. H (1809-1860): “…His angels, now hovering, sword-armed, in the air, and yearning to defend me, descend to my aid!” (The Prince of the House of David, p. 324, 1855).

5. Angels guard the tombs of the saints

Ellen White (1827-1915): “But the angels watch the precious dust of this servant of God [William Miller], and he will come forth at the sound of the last trump” (EW, p. 258).

Ellen White: “Every sleeping saint will be kept in safety and will be guarded as a precious jewel, who is known to God by name” (Letter 6a, 1894). See the illustration below.

A Lonely Angel guarding a grave on Vienna’s Cemetery, 1800’s

A Lonely Angel guarding a grave on Vienna’s Cemetery, 1800’s

Ellen White: “As Christ and the angels approached the grave, Satan and his angels appeared at the grave, and were guarding the body of Moses, lest it should be removed. As Christ and his angels drew nigh, Satan resisted their approach, but was compelled, by the glory and power of Christ and his angels to fall back (4SG, p. 58, 1864).

Jean Danielou S. J (1905-1974): “The angels guard the tombs of the saints, protecting them from being profaned. At the resurrection of the dead, angels will gather the elect and separate the just from the wicked on behalf of the Lord” (The Angels and their Mission According to the Fathers of the Church).

Fr. William Saunders: He refers to “an ancient offertory chant in the mass for the dead to these duties” [of St. Michael the Archangel]: “Lord Jesus Christ, king of glory, deliverer of all the faithful departed from the pains of hell and from the deep pit; deliver them from the mouth of the lion that hell may not swallow them up and they may not fall into darkness; but may the standard bearer Michael conduct them into holy light.” (St. Michael The Guardian of the Church, 1999).

Isaac Ambrose (1604-1664): “… some observe, that angels have a care not only of the souls, but of the bodies; yea, even the dead bodies of the saints… After death they guard the bodies of the saints: The devil would have abused the dead body of Moses, but Michael the archangel contended with him , and rescued the body out of his hands:… but the angels take care of every dust, so that not one shall be lost at the general day” (Works of Isaac Ambrose, p. 538, 1829).

John Wesley (1703-1791): “God takes care even of the dead bodies of his servants. As their death is precious, so is their dust. Not one grain of it shall be lost, but the covenant with it shall be remembered” (Wesley’s Explanatory Notes, Deuteronomy 34, 1755).

6. Angels prostrated before the risen Lord

Ellen White (1827-1915): “And as Jesus walked forth from the sepulchre in majesty, those shining angels prostrated themselves to the ground and worshiped him; then hailed him with songs of victory and triumph” (1SG, pp. 66, 67, 1858).

Ingraham J. H (1809-1860): “I saw the crucified prophet rise up from the slab on which he was laid, and stand upon his feet, and walk forth alive,…The celestial being, [Gabriel] so terrible in his majestic splendour, veiled his face with his wings before his presence, and prostrated himself at his feet, as if in homage to one greater than himself!” (The Prince of the House of David, p. 427, 1855).

7. Angels in human disguise

Ellen White (1827-1915): “In all ages, God has wrought through holy angels for the succor and deliverance of His people. Celestial beings have taken an active part in the affairs of men. They have appeared clothed in garments that shone as the lightning; they have come as men in the garb of wayfarers. Angels have appeared in human form to men of God. They have rested, as if weary, under the oaks at noon. They have accepted the hospitalities of human homes. They have acted as guides to benighted travelers. They have, with their own hands, kindled the fires at the altar… In the form of men, angels are often in the assemblies of the righteous; and they visit the assemblies of the wicked… In the council hall and the court of justice these heavenly messengers have shown an intimate acquaintance with human history” (GC, pp. 631, 632, 1911).

Daniel March (1816-1909): “There are more living persons in the crowd than any human observer can count. There are more listeners in the public assembly than can be seen by the speaker’s  eye…They have taken the form of men, and shown themselves to human eyes…And these celestial visitants have come from their far distant homes to take part in the affairs of men. They have shown themselves better acquainted with human history and better able to do our work than we ourselves…they have rested under the shadow of oaks at noon…they have received hospitality in human homes…they have guided and protected travellers on their way…they have kindled the fire of the altar” (Night Scenes in the Bible, pp. 452-454, 1868)

8. Evil and good Angels in human disguise

Ellen White (1827-1915): “Evil angels in the form of believers will work in our ranks to bring in a strong spirit of unbelief. Let not even this discourage you, but bring a true heart to the help of the Lord against the powers of satanic agencies. These powers of evil will assemble in our meetings, not to receive a blessing, but to counterwork the influences of the Spirit of God” (2MCP 504, 505 (1909).

Ellen White: “Though the rulers of this world know it not, yet often in their councils angels have been spokesmen. Human eyes have looked upon them. Human ears have listened to their appeals. In the council hall the court of justice, heavenly messengers have pleaded the cause of the persecuted and oppressed” (Ed, p.  305).

Ellen White: “He and the angels who fell with him will appear on the earth as men, seeking to deceive. God’s angels, also, will appear as men, and will use every means in their power to defeat the purposes of the enemy” (8MR, p.  399).

Ellen White: “How few contemplate the unseen agencies! …These are in every assembly for business, in councils, and in meetings for the worship of God. In these public assemblies there are more listeners than can be seen with the natural sight. These unseen agencies are co-laborers with God or with Satan, and they work more mightily and more constantly than do men. Sometimes the heavenly intelligences draw aside the curtain that hides the unseen world, that our minds may be withdrawn from the hurry and rush, and consider that there are witnesses to all we do and say, when engaged in business, or when we think ourselves alone… These heavenly beings are ministering angels, and they frequently disguise themselves in the form of human beings, and as strangers converse with those who are engaged in the work of God. In the lonely places they have been the companions of the traveler in peril. In tempest-tossed ships they have spoken words to allay fear and inspire hope in the hour of danger. Many, under different circumstances, have listened to the voices of the inhabitants of other worlds. Time and again have they been the leaders of armies” (RH, November 22, 1898).

Daniel Defoe (1660-1731): “Had he [Devil] been obliged always to act the mere devil in his own clothes, and with his own shape… he could never have preached in so many pulpits, presided in so many councils, voted in so many committees, sat in so many courts, and influenced so many parties and factions in church and state…” (The History of the Devil, p. 177, 1854 [first published in 1726]).

Daniel Defoe (1660-1731): “Extraordinarily; which I understand to be his appearences in borrowed shapes and bodies, or shadows rather of bodies; assuming speech, figure, posture, and several powers of which we can give little or no account… Sometimes the devil himself, to assume human shape, and appear to other people, we cannot doubt…” (The History of the Devil, pp. 174, 256, 1854 [first published in  1726]).

9. Angel talks to Elijah on mount Horeb (1Kings 19)

Ellen White (1827-1915): “At the entrance to the cave wherein Elijah had taken refuge, God met with him, through a mighty angel sent to inquire into his needs and to make plain the divine purpose for Israel” (PK, p. 167, 1917).

Ellen White: “Calling upon the prophet to leave the cave, the angel bade him to stand before the Lord on the mount, and listen to His word” (PK, p. 168, 1917).

John Gill (1697-1771): “…and, behold, there came a voice unto him, and said, what dost thou here, Elijah? The same question is here put as in 1 Kings 19:9, though there by an angel, here by the Lord himself” (John Gill’s Exposition of the Whole Bible, 1748).

Matthew Poole (1624–1679): “What doest thou here, Elijah? what before he spake by an angel, he now speaks to him again immediately “ (Matthew Poole’s English Annotations on the Holy Bible, 1Kings 19: 13, 1683).