"Truth about Ellen White Writings"

The Unfallen Worlds – 2

The Bible does not say anything about the existence of other worlds. This teaching came about by the highly speculative philosophy, astronomy, theology and self- claimed prophets. Adventists, to me seem to be the foremost in promoting the doctrine of the Extraterrestrials. This position is well stated in the book, – ‘Science, Religion and Society: An Encyclopedia of History, Culture, and Controversy’ by  Arri Eisen, Gary Laderman: “Ellen White (1827-1915), chief foundress of the Seventh-day Adventist Church during the second half of the nineteenth century, would incorporate a similar idea into the Scriptures she supplied that denomination. Not only did the Seventh-day Adventists incorporate extraterrestrials into their Scriptures, but two other religious denominations founded during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries did likewise, although in a quite different manner. These are the Church of the New Jerusalem (also known as the Swedenborgians) and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (The Mormons)” (Cited from the above mentioned book, pp. 301, 302).

1. His dominion extends to all other worlds

Ellen white (1827-1915): “God’s government included not only the inhabitants of heaven, but of all the worlds that He had created; and Lucifer had concluded that if he could carry the angels of heaven with him in rebellion, he could carry also all the worlds…It was therefore necessary to demonstrate before the inhabitants of heaven, and of all the worlds, that God’s government is just, His law perfect” (PP, pp. 41, 42).

Edward Griffin (1770-1837): “Eternal research will not exhaust this subject. It was to bring out this love to the view of an astonished universe that all these worlds were created” (Sermons By The Late Rev. Edward Griffin, Vol. 2, p. 238, 1838).

Edward Griffin (1770-1837): “His dominion which extends to all worlds” (Sermons By The Late Rev. Edward Griffin, Vol. 2, p. 245, 1838).

Alexander Copland (1774-1834): “It is more consonant with the magnificence of the creator to believe that these bodies of such immense size are inhabited, and by rational beings; and that some of them may be allotted for man in a state of innocence, and to be the abode of good man, after having passed through state of present trial” (The existence of other worlds, p. 60, 1834).

Alexander Copland (1774-1834): “He is not glorified on one earth, or in one world alone, but in ten thousand times ten thousand” (Ibid., p. 74).

Alexander Copland (1774-1834): “Conybeare, a contemporary clergyman of the last, and of the same church, says, “it betrays a great narrowness of mind to suppose, that this earth, on which we live, is the only place, that is filled with conscious and intelligent beings” (Ibid., p. 74).

2. Christ Had left the unfallen worlds to redeem the fallen world

Ellen white (1827-1915): “It was the marvel of all the universe that Christ should humble himself to save the fallen man. That He who had passed from star to star, from world to world, superintending all, by His providence supplying the needs of every order of being in his vast creation – that he should consent to take upon Himself human nature, was a mystery which the sinless intelligences of other worlds desired to understand” (The Patriarchs and Prophets, p. 69, 1890).

Ellen White: “The privilege granted to the children of God are without limit, to be connected with Jesus Christ, who throughout the universe of heaven and the worlds that have not fallen, is adored by every heart…”(That I May Know Him, p. 319, 1964).

John Harris (1802-1856): “How far the inhabitants of the celestial world….That He who has united distinct material worlds by indissoluble bonds, should leave the two orders of holy intelligences….And thus, the intelligent universe would have exhibited the sublime spectacle of distinct orders of holy beings, each composed of innumerable members…” (Ibid., p. 40).

Thomas Paine: (1737-1809): “From whence, then, could arise the solitary and strange conceit that the Almighty, who had millions of worlds equally dependent on his protection, should quit the care of all the rest, and come to die in our world, because, they say, one man and one woman had eaten an apple? And, on the other hand, are we to suppose that every world in the boundless creation had an Eve, an apple, a serpent, and a redeemer?” (The Age of Reason, Part First, Section13, 1794).

Edward Griffin (1770-1837): “Although the heavenly bodies may not contain sinful inhabitants (as seems altogether likely,) yet they belong to a general system into which sin has entered” (Sermons By The Late Rev. Edward Griffin, Vol. 2, p. 457, 1838).

Edward Griffin (1770-1837): “He might have selected other planets, but this alone [our earth] has tasted his redeeming grace. He might have set his heart on the recovery of the fallen angels, who were of a noble race… But all others forsaking, he hath made you the enviable object of his choice” (Sermons By The Late Rev. Edward Griffin, Vol. 2, p. 568, 1838).

Alexander Copland (1774-1834): “We admit that there are spiritual beings, and there may be in the universe many an intelligent race on its various orbs” (The existence of other worlds, p. 90, 1834).

3. The redeemed will be witnesses to the unfallen worlds

Ellen White (1827-1915): “In the plan of redemption there are heights and depths that eternity itself can never exhaust, marvels into which the angels desire to look. The redeemed only, of all created beings, have in their own experience known the actual conflict with sin; they have wrought with Christ, and, as even the angels could not do, have entered into the fellowship of His sufferings; will they have no testimony as to the science of redemption – nothing that will be of worth to unfallen beings?” (Ed, p. 308, 1903).

Charles Spurgeon (1834-1892): “Shall we be witnesses for the Lord of grace to myriads of worlds which will be wonderstruck when they hear of the incarnate God? Shall we be surrounded by pure intelligences enquiring and searching into the mysteries of God manifest in the flesh? Will the unfallen worlds desire to be instructed in the glorious gospel of the blessed God? And will each one of us have his tale to tell of our experience of infinite love? I think so, since the Lord has saved us “to that intent that now unto the principalities and powers in the heavenly places might be known by the church of the manifold wisdom of God”” (Greatest Fight in the World, April, 1891).